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HOW DIVERSITY WORKS an art event to create an in-depth dialogue about diversity

17 August to 3 September 2011


1 : David A. Feingold [USA], Diversity, 2011, digital art and film.
"My art goes beyond two dimensions, reaching the depths of feelings associated with having multiple disabilities. Diversity thrives on more than tolerance - it needs mutual understanding and appreciation."

2 : Rewa Walia, The mind, 2011, watercolour, cellotape on paper  
"I am based in Auckland and am of Indian origin. My art can be classified as conceptual, abstract, figurative and spiritual. Diversity depends upon an individuals beliefs and culture, social experiences and choice of forms of expression."

3 : Padma Naidu, Decluttering the mind, 2011, drawing   
"Formally trained as an architect, I run my own practice engaging in architectural, art and teaching projects.  This slow drawing process is a mindfulness practice that assists me in 
de-cluttering my mind, leaving it open to embrace difference and diversity."

4 (1-31) : Jana Woods, The Architecture of Happiness, 2011, mixed media 1-4 SOLD
"I am motivated to make visually beautiful art that has a historical, cultural and/or social conscience. The work is a considered response to loss of architectural diversity in my neighbourhood."

5 : Ingrid Gotlieb, Open to reflect, 2011, giclee digital print on archival Hahnemuhle paper SOLD 
"I am interested in ways of seeing and shifts in perception. Diversity can surprise us and change us."

6 : Allyson Hamblett, I'll miss you, Todd, 2010, acrylic and pastel on canvas SOLD 
"I have been a visual artist for about 10 years, developing a unique style.  Todd Fernie helped shape my ideas around inclusion and acceptance - diversity."

7 : Afuwa Granger [CAN], Linked, 2001, block print on archival cotton paper SOLD 
Afuwa uses her work to continually question assumptions and stereotypes. “The barriers used to construct someone as Other are themselves a prison.”

8 : Isla Osborne, liberté égalité fraternité, 2011, lampworked glass, acrylic   
Isla’s process consists of making finely crafted glass beads, melted with a torch according to traditional Italian methods. Liberté égalité fraternité is an installation of sixteen circular Influenza colonies as seen through a microscope.

9 : Paul Brunton, Ten Thousand Things, 2001, wood, steel, paint   
Paul developed a sensitivity to the flow of  water and weather via watersports and Tai Chi, resulting in works with a strong connection to nature and the fluidity of life.  “Difference is the grist of life, making it all the more interesting.”

10 : Kathy Ready, Playing Housey, 2010, oil on canvas SOLD  
Kathy is fuelled by her physical and emotional environment, colour is the underlying foundation that links her work.  “Colour has got me. I no longer need to chase after it. It has got me for ever. I know it. That is the meaning of this happy hour." (Paul Klee)

11 : Diane Rimmer, Traction / Tension, 2011, venetian blind, permanent marker, paint   
"In reworking everyday objects into new forms, I am bringing accepted perceptual logic into question as well as referencing our shared experiences.  Diversity is Tension/Traction, Paralysis/Process, Create/Cripple, Able/Alone, Want/Wait, Transform/Tedium."

12 : James King, Korowai, 2010, acrylic on paper   
"My work aims to promote provocation; social, cultural and political engagement. Diversity is all and nothing at all."

13 : Claudia Recorean, "species", 2011, HDPE - cutouts, hotglue, paint   
"My quest is to create new, unique experiences. My works are often located between the familiar and the unexpected. Diversity is one of the basic facts of life."

14 : Robert Onnes, Ngalan (Light) + 4 other similar works, 2009, copper and limestone 
"I create sculpture which reflects the diverse beauty of humanity and nature using organic lines and surfaces. My approach is to exercise unconditional positive regard."

15 : Anna Nelson, Twelve days of diversity, 2011, photography SOLD 
"I'm an experimental artist/photographer, who likes to capture uniqueness and diversity. Diversity is expression of uniqueness and individuality, only seen clearly when brought together."

16 : Ursula Cranmer, Exquisite Beings, 2011, mixed media 
"My contemporary artworks explore an eclectic mix of materials, methods and approaches.  We are unique, exquisite beings - let’s celebrate our individuality with love and respect."

17 : Alex Nagorski, The New Life, 2010, oil on canvas  
"Always seek new ideas, that's what determines a creative person. Bringing positive changes to the society - that's the meaning of diversity to me."

18 : Antonia Luz Ines, The Liberation of St Antonia, 2010, acrylic on hardboard   
"Photographer and portrait artist.  My works seek to reveal the character of the subject. Nature thrives on diversity.  Diversity is about revealing the natural inner self."

19 : D.J. Grierson, Relationships in View, 2001, pencil on paper  
"My complete body of work is interpreted within sequential circumstances in life.  Diversity is the recognition of the ontology of the human race."

20 (1-9) : Juliet Jackson, Family O  Family X  Family Y, 2011, ceramic 1,2 SOLD
"Since becoming blind, working with ceramics has been a way to enjoy my visual imagination and to express my ideas.  When we let ourselves be open to people we learn something about their lives and their culture, their diversity."

21 : Chavah Kinloch, She Walked Alone, 2011, mixed media   
"Passionate about life and using my creativity in every aspect of it. Diversity to me is about our uniqueness but also our shared commonalities."

22 : Abby Twiss, Superman Meets the Moa, 2011, oil and acrylic   
"Deafness influences but does not dominate my expression of feelings and commenting on social issues.  These are well-recognised but disparate icons, juxtaposed, showing our diverse cultural understandings of normality."

23 : Liz Crow [UK], Resistance and Conversations, 2009, film
Liz is an artist-activist and founder of UK media company Roaring Girl Productions. Passionate about storytelling, she is drawn to the power of film, audio and text to bring disability and diversity to the fore and trigger change.


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Barbara Pike, Exhibition Co-ordinator

Philip Patston, Director

(Photography - Anna Nelson)

In association with Artstation, Diversity NZ and Human Resources Institute of NZ.