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Posted by Diversityworks on 24 May 2013, 6:34 pm in , , , ,

100 Faces of Diversity

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Diversityworks Trust is entering an art and design project, starting in June, called the 100 Days Project. 100 Days was started by designer Emma Rogan, who spoke at TEDx Auckland last year, as a way to promote creativity.

The idea is that anyone is invited to register and then do something (anything!) creative...once a day, every day, for 100 days. At the end of the project they get together and exhibit the works for one night only.

We've decided to enter this year and our project is called "100 Faces of Diversity." The concept is to blog a photo of one person's face each day, with their answer to the question: "What makes you unique?"

We've collected over 60 photos so far and are gearing up for the launch on June 7.

We're inviting people to contribute their faces (and/or those of friends, family, colleagues — no age limit) to the project and help us to meet our target of 100.

The photos don't have to be spectacular, although how could they not be?! Basically your Facebook profile shot would be fine, we just need to see your face. And one line about why you're unique — whatever you want to say.

If you're keen or have questions, please email barbara@diversitynz.com asap. Feel free to just fire your photo (or a link to one we can use) and statement through directly to Barbara with "100 Days" in the subject and she'll get back to you.

Read more about the 100 Days Project and our concept.

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