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Posted by Diversityworks on 12 September 2011, 6:19 am in , , ,

MEDIA RELEASE: Exhibition successful beyond belief

Diversityworks Trust's "How Diversity Works" exhibition closed on 3 September with nearly 1800 people visiting the gallery or attending the related programme events.

The exhibition featured the works of 23 artists from New Zealand, the US, Canada and UK. It included visual art, sculpture and multi-media installations.

About 200 people packed Ponsonby's Artstation on 16 August for the exhibition's opening, with one attendee describing it as the best they'd attended. Artstation staff said it was the most diverse and popular opening the gallery had hosted.

An artist panel attracted a modest 17 people but stimulated interesting discussion about the role of art and art-makers promoting a more holistic and less confrontational understanding of diversity.

The Diversity Inquiry workshop attracted 40 people with most participants rating it as excellent. One described it as "inspiring and mind-shifting", while another said, "The clarity re-uniqueness and individuality has been inspirational and refreshing."

Executive Director Philip Patston said the project had been an overwhelming success for the Trust. "It was a perfect way for us to introduce and demonstrate our revised mission for 2012 and beyond, which is to inspire inquiry into the nature of diversity, creativity and social change."

Patston said he was already in discussion with prospective partners to organise a second exhibition and related programme next year.

Meanwhile the exhibition will be archived online and made available later this year.

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