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How Diversity Works


An art event to develop a more in-depth dialogue about diversity

"How Diversity Works” was held at Artstation, Auckland from 17 August to 3 September 2011.

Diversity is a complex concept that encompasses thoughts, emotions, experiences, social context, political process, identity and more.  The purpose of the exhibition was to reflect both internal and external processes that promote or restrict human diversity, including but not limited to personal, psychological, social, cultural and political factors.   

The exhibition aimed to develop a more in-depth dialogue about diversity – moving beyond the usual characteristics of culture, race, gender, disability, sexuality – to explore the idea that diversity exists in all people, in all places, at all times and that the challenge to humanity is to recognise it and respond appropriately.

The exhibition explored concepts of uniqueness, difference and abnormality in contrast to commonness, similarity and normality.  Artists were invited to use diverse mediums with the intent that the exhibition space will reflect the diversity theme.

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