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International Guild of Disabled Artists & Performers


A collective of artists and performers who identify with impairment and/or disability, the Guild’s members are professional and amateur artists and performers of all genres. They include vistual artists, screen and stage actors, dancers, comedians and humourists, musicians, singers, speakers, poets, writers, producers, directors and others working in the arts and entertainment industries. They experience physical, intellectual or learning disablement, mental illness, or a combination.

In addition the Guild offers membership to those individuals and organisations who are involved in or supportive of disability art and performance.


To be a globally recognised collective voice of artists and performers who identify with impairment and/or disability.

  • To provide an opportunity for disabled artists and performers to network and exchange information, ideas and experience
  • To represent the global interests of disabled artists and performers
  • To facilitate the development of the global disability arts and culture movement
  • To be a leading international authority on disability arts, performance and culture
  • To advocate appropriate working conditions for disabled artists, including fees and accessibility
  • To demonstrate the value and presence of disability arts and culture to the global disability and mainstream communities
  • To establish global and regional agency and management options for disabled artists and performers