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Unique Sense

...adding diversity to common sense

The project aims to build a collection of short films (3-5 mins long) that capture images, words and ideas about diversity and human rights and present them in an inspiring and creative multi-media mix of still images, moving images and sound.

Unique Sense aims to create the following:
  • A change in mindset and language. Notions of normality and abnormality are reframed as common (similar) and unique (different).
  • A focus on self-awareness. People are encouraged to understand their own unique and common experiences.
  • An exploration of commonality and uniqueness among groups.
  • An opportunity for communities to explore how they are similar and different to each other.
  • Acceptance rather than judgement of similarity and difference.
  • A move away from good or bad, right or wrong – to an acceptance that experience “simply and complexly is”.
  • A change in understanding of human characteristics and labelling.

Unique Sense was piloted successfully with its sister project DIVINQ during 2009 and 2010 with a group of students from Mt Roskill Grammar School. We are now looking to expand into other schools and youth organisations. Together, the projects create a powerful means to manifest diversity as the natural synergy of similarity and difference, uniqueness and commonality. They help young people understand that diversity exists in all people, in all places, at all times.

For schools, the project specifically addresses six of the eight core NZ Curriculum values, namely:

  • innovation, inquiry, and curiosity
  • diversity
  • equity
  • community and participation
  • integrity
  • respect